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Website owners get instant opinions and increased engagement by embedding Voice Polls in their content. We make the polls fun and easy to answer for visitors and if you accept sponsored polls behind your own polls, you will earn revenue for every sponsored opinion you help us collect.

Earn incremental revenue beyond ads each time visitors complete short, user-friendly surveys.

Add a simple embed code to your site and start collecting opinions.

Choose where surveys appear and how they look like.

Increase the engagement and the time spent on your websites

Whether it's the latest gadget or upcoming game, Voice Polls makes collecting opinions and growing engagement easy. See how website owners use Voice Polls on their website.

Website owners using Voice Polls substantially increase user engagement.

Discover your audience’s opinions. Play with poll results using filters to generate unique insights.

Voice Polls’ social integration promotes social sharing of votes resulting with new traffic to your site.

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To find out what people really think, just ask the internet.

When you want answers to your business questions, you need to reach everyday people
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Starting at 5¢ per opinion, our tool is easy, fast and affordable.

Clear, detailed and accurate our data reports are also extremely accessible and easy to share.

People answer questions in exchange points they can redeem for cash.

Data-driven decisions for every sector.

From major consumer brands to companies just getting started, Voice Consumer Polls helps inform day-to-day business decisions. We work with the best in the industry to make sure we continue to provide what you need, no matter who you are.

Survey topics are limitless: from automotive, to healthcare, to video gaming and more.

Brands use Voice Polls in many different ways: Package design, Market trends, etc.

With Voice Polls, you’ll get the information you need in real-time, in a compelling and visual format.

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Voice API

Build applications that allow users to create polls, express and analyze opinions

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Voice Embeds

The fastest and easiset way to embed polls in your blogs, websites and mobile applications.

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Voice Data Sets

Access a selection of unique opinion data sets for your researches and analysis.

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